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Spruce Up Your Home Interiors With Modern Kitchen Cabinets! What to Know


May 24, 2024

Are you conducting home renovations and want to enhance the look of your kitchen? Most home buyers consider the kitchen and bathroom, and simple upgrades to these areas will entice buyers in case you plan to sell your property. Modern renovations to your kitchen will also enhance the look of your space, and cabinets are worth mentioning.  They come in various styles and colors and will highlight your space,  not to mention adding more storage space. Here are things to know when installing kitchen cabinets and things to avoid.

 1. Assess your available space

 Think of your family size, and consider the available space. No matter the desired style, your space will determine your choice of cabinets and final look. If you plan to expand your family, think of your future storage needs, and install more cabinets. If you own a small kitchen,  maximize your space and be as creative as possible. For instance, consider corner cabinets and islands, they are common in most luxury kitchens and will help create more storage room.

2.  Timeless options work best! 

 With the many kitchen cabinet styles and designs, it can be confusing to choose what suits your space. But timeless designs stand the test of time, and you can use them for years without a need for replacement. Choose unique designs and ensure they are made of durable materials such as solid wood. Avoid cabinets with ribbing or busy patterns, they age faster and accumulate dirt over time.

3. Be keen on the finish

The choice of finish is as important as the style. The cabinets should complement other parts of your home, and your choice of color shouldn’t overpower your room.

So, consider classic options such as stained wood, for this will perfectly complement your countertops and kitchen appliances. Remember not all stains work well, and it’s advisable to avoid yellow or orange tones for they tend to age poorly.

 4. Think outside the box!

Think of access and functionality of your space.  Think of where you will be storing your cookware, and how easy it will be to access them.  Also,o think of the type of dishes and your cooking methods.  After all, you don’t want to spend a lot on cabinetry, only to realize that your pots can’t fit on the shelves. Consider the size of the cabinets, and install the right height and width with the help of a professional.

5. Finish the look with beautiful hardware

 Drawer pulls and knobs will add the needed aesthetic appeal to your cabinets. Finish the look with knobs that add a sense of style to your storage units. Your hardware should blend with other kitchen appliances, and you can go for gold silver, or pewter pulls. Gold pulls are most suitable for the kitchen, and you can swap them often when necessary.


Your choice of cabinets will make your cooking space stand out. Go for high-quality yet modern styles, and choose quality knobs to enhance the appeal. Remember hiring professionals for your renovation project will save time, and money and help avoid costly mistakes.

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