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How to choose bedroom furniture


Jan 7, 2023
bedroom furniture

The style of a bedroom determines the pleasure of being in this room. More than aesthetic considerations, the organization of the bedroom allows you to take advantage of the available space while tidying up what needs to be stored as well as possible. To choose the right bedroom furniture, follow the guide!

Focus on the layout of the bedroom

The choice of bedroom furniture , whether it is a children’s room or a master bedroom, is first made according to the dimensions of the room .

In a small bedroom, 9 to 10 m², we will go to the essentials (bed, bedside table, wardrobe , small desk). While in a spacious bedroom the layout is quite different: you can have fun on the different types of bedroom furniture. This is an opportunity to choose a chest of drawers with large dimensions, an XXL wardrobe, a Queen Size or King Size bed, or a dressing table , and possibly to decorate the whole with bedside tables and a comfortable armchair .

The bigger the room, the more possibilities there are for furnishing it. However, you can also enjoy a spacious bedroom without overloading it to fully appreciate the volumes.

For high ceilings, it is smart to favor large cabinets. They can go up to the ceiling (leaving 5 cm of space to dust regularly) or be used to put decorative storage boxes in height .

However, be careful with the finishes: the finish of the materials, in particular painted wood, differs significantly from one manufacturer to another . Irregular paint, snags, assembly difficulties, all these details are important. Do not hesitate to consult the opinions on the products you have selected before making your final choice of bedroom furniture.

What furniture to plan for a bedroom

All the other elements of the furniture must be associated with it . Nevertheless, depending on the occupants, we can consider some differences in layout.

Dressing table or make-up table .

It is of course the surface area that determines the number of pieces of furniture in the room . Regarding the size of the bedding, it is first a question of habit and then a question of comfort.

A kid’s room should have the basic furnishings, namely a standard-sized toddler bed or adult bed for a durable purchase . Also plan a bedside table, a wardrobe, and possibly a chest of drawers . All depending on the space available. Indeed, it is necessary to take into account the fact that the child needs space to flourish in his room .

In addition, always depending on the space, we can add a library and a desk for homework. For narrow bedrooms, the loft bed can be an interesting option thanks to its clever layout and its large storage capacity under the bed base  !

For little girls, it is not uncommon that when the size of the room allows it, it is decorated with a small dressing table for children. Likewise, adding a small soft armchair for reading times is a plus.

What style for bedroom furniture

The first question to ask yourself is whether you want a room made up of mismatched furniture or a set of furniture from the same collection .

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