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How can a pipe be repaired from the inside?


Jan 7, 2023
repaired from the inside

When a pipe is damaged, it leaks and this can become very inconvenient and expensive. We must then think of repair. There are several techniques and among these, lining is a process increasingly used by professionals.

Repair a pipe without breaking

Whether it is an easily accessible pipe or not, the repair must be done in the best conditions to stop the leak. Privileging the lining offers many advantages. This technique consists of wrapping a pipe in an epoxy resin “shirt”. This can be done inside the pipeline. It is a non-destructive technique (no removal) which is carried out in several stages.

The first is to check the condition of the pipeline by video. It will then be necessary to prepare the pipe, that is to say to carry out a dry cleaning and a hydrocleaning to clean the surfaces via high pressure.

Once the preparation has been made, the actual pipe lining is carried out. For this, the professional will insert the textile sheath impregnated with resin (dimensions determined thanks to video observation) in the pipe. It uses pressurized air or water for this operation. The textile put in place is particularly flexible and adapts very easily to surfaces, even if there are bends of 90° or more. The resin will then harden (polymerize), creating a new pipe within the pipe. Leaks are plugged. It will then be necessary to open again the connections and tappings present on the pipe (using a milling robot). Finally, a video control is carried out.

Why choose pipe lining?

This technique is mainly used on exterior pipes. It is ideal when there is settling, corrosion or the pipe has been damaged following work, by roots or by normal surface wear. This lining is also used for pipes made of lead or which have a composition incorporating asbestos (the sheath will then serve as protection between the pipe and the water transported). This is a process that is used on pipes with a diameter of 50 to 400 mm.

It can therefore be used on many sites without having to carry out major work. It is in fact not necessary to clear the entire pipe. There is no harm or risk to your garden or home. This is an asset to repair the problem encountered more quickly. It is also a more economical and faster solution. It takes around 4 hours on average to line a pipe section of several tens of meters.

The lining is generally used for the evacuation of waste water, sewage, rainwater or even industrial waste. It can still be used to repair a swimming pool pipe. The technique can also be used in the context of a network under pressure.

This technique is stable and lasts a long time. The coating in place is seamless. There is therefore no risk of further leakage. It is also the possibility of improving the flow. This is also increased thanks to the smooth coating put in place.

In addition to pipe repair , lining can also be used to reinforce an old pipe. By adding an inner sleeve, a pipe is created within the pipe. This is much easier to maintain and the cost of this maintenance is reduced by an average of 70%.

Hire a professional sewer repair

If you want to know more about repairing your pipes, you can contact RCP France Chemisage. We operate around Nice, but also elsewhere in France (our network is extensive). We use quality materials that are particularly resistant. We deposit a layer of resin associated with a high-end hardener on a fiberglass coating with high elasticity tolerance. The sheath thus adapts as closely as possible to the pipe. This can have different thicknesses to provide a hydraulic flow adapted to the needs

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