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Dealing with Fly Infestations –Strategies, Tips, etc.


Feb 26, 2024
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You will often see flies roaming in your house, but what do you do if there is a fly infestation in your house? This can be dangerous for your health since house flies can spread diseases and contaminate your food. However, with the help of a Forney pest control company, you can easily get rid of those fly infestations. In this blog, you will learn some ways to get rid of fly infestations. 

How do you make sure you get rid of fly infestation permanently?

Getting rid of fly infestation is not easy, but with the right approach, you can get rid of them. 

1. Strict inspection

When it comes to dealing with fly infestations, the first step you must take is having a good inspection of your house. You have to look for all the entry points like gaps, holes, and broken windows. While going through this inspection, you have to make sure that you identify which type of houseflies have invaded your home so that you can take preventive measures according to them.

2. Keep your house clean.

Houseflies get lured to dirt and dust. You have to make sure you clean every hidden corner of your house, especially below your big furniture. Maintaining a clean environment will keep the houseflies away from your house. Also, use house fragrance spray that keeps the houseflies away. 

In addition, make sure you do not leave your leftovers open, always cover them properly, and keep your dining room and kitchen clean. Houseflies are often attracted to sweet dishes and spoiled food. 

3.Seal all the entry points.

After inspecting your house and detecting all the entry points like broken windows, door screens, and weather stips, start sealing all of them. Also, make sure you check your utility areas, like water leaks and pipelines. Houseflies are more prone to be found near water leaks, which are known as their breeding ground.

Make sure to check your whole house and look for any small holes or gaps that offer bugs a way to get in through. Also, you must check the windows, doors, and pipes around you and inside your house, including the entry and siding. Because you never know, even tiny cracks can let bugs in.

Use natural remedies

Instead of using chemical products, it is much better to use natural remedies like vinegar, apple cider, neem oil, peppermint oil, and diatomaceous earths to keep the house flies away. In some places, people use scented candles to deter the flies from their aroma. It is highly recommended to use DIY traps to deal with fly infestations. However, using natural remedies will sustain an eco-friendly environment and will not harm your kids, old folks, and pets.

1. Hire a pest control team.

If you do not find things working, as a last resort, you can hire the pest control team. Their professionals will inspect your house, detect the main issues, and conduct their treatment to deter all the houseflies. They will guide you with some instructions that you may have to follow to avoid future infestation problems.

If you are dealing with fly infestations and you want to get rid of them, consider seeking assistance with your pest control service.

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