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A Basic Guide to Aircon Chemical Wash


Jul 17, 2023
Aircon Chemical Wash

It is crucial to perform routine maintenance on your air conditioner to ensure its longevity. Cleaning your air conditioner is a good method to keep it in good condition, but it may not be sufficient to perform routine maintenance.

Regular maintenance may not be as effective at removing the gunk that has accumulated and become trapped in your air conditioner’s condenser, filter, and evaporator coil, even though it is effective at clearing away the debris.

In addition, improper cleansing techniques may cause severe internal component damage. This is when an air conditioner chemical wash is required.

What is Air Conditioning Chemical Wash?

If your air conditioning unit does not circulate frigid air or takes a long time to chill the room, despite having the air ducts cleaned, your air conditioning technician may recommend a chemical wash.

An air conditioner chemical cleanse involves disassembling all the internal components (compressor, filter, condenser, etc.) and soaking them in a chemical solution. The air conditioner’s internal pipelines are also cleansed with a chemical solution. This assists in removing debris and poisons from air conditioning components. Learn about the cost of chemical cleansing and other air conditioning services on this page.

It is the procedure of chemically cleaning the internal components of your air conditioner. The evaporator coils, condenser, and air filtration will be exposed after disassembling the unit. The fragments are then immersed in a chemical solution that helps remove any dirt particles and corrosive acid that have adhered to them.

Additionally, the chemical cleanse could be used to flush the drainage pipelines to ensure that any algae or gunk is completely eroded and flushed away.

Is Chemical Wash For Air Conditioning necessary?

Air conditioner chemical cleansing is a necessary service. Regular cleaning may aid in the removal of undesirable particulates. Even so, the components have accrued much noxious gunk over time.

Toxic gunk is difficult to remove and could corrode and cause severe harm to your air conditioner’s internal components, impairing its effectiveness and performance. Therefore, it is prudent to chemically clean your air conditioner at least once every six months.

How frequently should you perform an air conditioning chemical wash?

It is always recommended to perform chemical cleanings on air conditioners, but the frequency of these cleanings depends on how frequently the unit is used. The suggested frequency ranges from semi-annually, annually to every two years.

Is Chemical Wash for Aircon harmful?

Chemical wash cleansing is beneficial for the longevity of an air conditioner and provides health benefits through the emission of clean, fresh air. Hiring a professional for this task is crucial, as it necessitates specialised knowledge and apparatus. Contrary to popular belief, the chemical cleanse is a very safe procedure that ensures an air conditioner is well-maintained. This allows you to avoid costly repairs.

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